This project was a long-term envy: a lo-pro track bike.

The Frame

I got this frame from a French web forum of bike's passionate. Someone was selling it and its front wheel for a very reasonable price, it was close to my home so it did not hesitate for long. The next weekend I was driving  to Bordeaux to meet the sellers and this beautiful frame.    

This frame is a mystery itself. The frame builder was unknown to the seller. Some researches led me to an old shop near Dijon but I need to investigate more on the subject.

The geometry is interesting, the front-wheel is supposed to be a 600 and the rear wheel a 700. He advised me to avoid diving stem with this one, otherwise it would be really diving.

This frame was sold with a Campagnolo headset, a Stronglight bottom bracket, a Concor seat post and a Mavic 600 front wheel. As the frame was French, I wanted to have a almost complete French build. So began the search for a nice crankset, stem and bar.

The crankset

For the crankset, I found what I was needed with Instagram. A well-known user in the fixed gear world was selling an iconic crankset: a Stronglight Delta Aero. It flew all the way from Portland, San Francisco, New York, Paris, to Toulouse.

Stronglight crankset & bottom bracket. Everything was made in France.

It was the perfect occasion to remove the bottom bracket, clean everything and then rebuilt it.

Too tight!

When mounting it on the frame, the chainring was way to close to the frame: the screw were almost touching it (less than a mm). So I had to change the axe of the bottom bracket for a longer one.

I've thought it would be hard to find one, as a I wanted to remain with a Stronglight one; but in fact it only took me a week to get on for less than 10 bucks.

Current Aspect

Currently, the bike is mounted with all the Stronglight elements. I have put a four spokes carbon Corima rear wheel. It gives a special look of this bike.

Final Aspect

Finally, the frame finished build looks like this. A friend of mine was kind enough to lend me a rear track Comete +/- wheel.

The bike is now sold.